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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hi My name is Ibrahim Amidu you can call me ibrahimovic for short, it's actually quite interesting when interviewed and asked to write about your whole self. Definitely it seems interesting and you tend to pose yourself with this stuff like "ahh am just me do i have to tell the public who am i...yes you have to "  writing is a pleasure i mean when it comes to blogging but hehe my blog here is not absolute. It's of great significant importance that we talk a little bit of our self or should i say myself since i am the main character i hope you get it.That being said the potential in writing is a way of releasing stress and learning to love myself.
               However, i'm optimistic, pro-active, determined, patient, easy going, am not romantic because here is not a dating blog. Am generous, humble-minded person............and what you can think of and when you think always think positive

DailyToday 7am

Its a beautiful day... not necessarily weather wise, but in the way I'm choosing to feel.  I remember to say my personal prayer this morning, and I think that really has helped me.  It helps to be in tune with my Heavenly Father(Allah in arabic).  There is just an indescribable comfort and peace in doing so.  I visited some parts of Ghana this noon, places like Teshie and Aborm.  I hope to get there to run one tough projects that's bordering my mind, actually in real facts i need to clear it off. 

Do u want to read more. Expect more from me this weekend.
stay updated i will be bringing u more and more daily  news that do happen in my area Accra-Ghana
See you